Toronto's first recreational Overwatch league

The Toronto Overwatch Beer League (TOBL) is an organized league where players can play a full regular season schedule with a consistent team. Hosted at The Hive Esports, the league provides a more social experience than queuing up at home.

At TOBL players will be able to get familiar with playing in an organized team environment, build strategies based on playing against the same teams, and meet other Overwatch players in person in a fun social environment.

Standings Season 5

# Team W L Diff
1 Game Hive 6 1 +13
2 Fewbisoft 6 1 +11
3 Everything Hurts 5 2 +5
4 Cronchers of Catan 3 4 -4
5 Stacy's Moms 2 5 -5
6 Onibaku 2 5 -6
7 Nerf Mei 2 5 -7
8 Finer Things Club 2 5 -7


All of our matches take place on LAN at The Hive Esports. Talk strategy with your team, meet other Overwatch players, and enjoy some food and drink while socializing.


Our rules are a modified version of those used by ESL Overwatch North America. You can read them in full here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Toronto Overwatch Beer League?

The Toronto Overwatch Beer League is a recreational eSports league intended to give players of all different skill levels around Toronto the opportunity to play Overwatch in a competitive eSports environment while also providing a fun, social atmosphere.

Where do matches take place?

All matches for the Toronto Overwatch Beer League are hosted at The Hive Esports. Once the season begins, matches will take place on Sunday nights.

Can I play from home?

No. The league is built as a LAN organization. All teams come and compete at The Hive Esports and play beside one another, which ensures a more unified team and keeps the league social and interactive.

Can I use my own peripherals (e.g. mouse, keyboard)?

Yes, The Hive Esports allows players to bring their own peripherals to use on their machines.

How many teams are in the league?

There will be 8 teams in Season 5. This number may change in future seasons, depending on demand.

How many players on a team?

Teams have a minimum of eight players, and a maximum of ten players.

I don't have a team. Can I still play?

Yes! Before Season 5 begins, we'll be opening individual registration. We'll then have a "Player Draft" night where all players who signed up as individuals will be eligible to be drafted. Players and teams can come to The Hive Esports and meet each other, the teams can get a sense of the players that are available in the draft, and a live draft will take place later in the evening. More details about the Draft will be posted soon.

I'm not a very high rank. Can I still play?

Yes. There is no minimum entry rank to be eligible to play in the league. The intention of the league is for players to have fun and enjoy Overwatch as a team game, as well as socialize.

How much will it cost to play?

Each team has a total fee of $225 to play the season. This cost is split up between the players as determined by the team captain. Individuals who have registered for the draft pay a $10 deposit to be eligible to be drafted, and this deposit is then counted towards the team fees of the team that drafts the player.

What is the registration fee for?

The registration fee is almost entirely to cover the cost of the facilities at The Hive Esports. Beyond that, there are also some small ancillary costs to cover, such as web hosting, etc.

Do I need to own a copy of Overwatch to play in the league?

Yes. All Players in the league must own a copy of Overwatch (PC) to be eligible to play. They must also have a account in good standing.

Can I volunteer to help?

Absolutely! We welcome any volunteers who would like to help with a variety of league related responsibilities. If you're interested in volunteering, feel free to get in touch.