House Rules

  1. Be nice! This is a social league that is first and foremost about building a community around playing the game together. This is supposed
  2. Show up on time! Don't be late if you can avoid it, and if you're running late let your team or the league admins know.
  3. Be sportsmanlike. Go up to the other team after the game and shake hands (or fist bump, friendly nod, etc.), and say good game. This is especially true if you won. Be a gracious winner.
  4. Don't screen watch! That's cheating! If you're subbing for your team or if you're in any way able to see what the other team is doing, don't do that. It's unsportsmanlike and not cool.
  5. Respect the space. We are lucky to be hosted by a great venue that is very generous to us. Don't litter, break stuff, or do anything you wouldn't do at your own place (or if you're a slob, then don't do anything you wouldn't do at your grandma's place.)
  6. Be a team player! This goes both in game and out. Sub out sometimes to let teammates get time, carpool with people if you can help them out, be patient with players who aren't as good at the game as you. This league thrives on community. Help make the community awesome.
  7. Be constructive! Everyone wants to win, and no one likes being tilted or frustrated, but try to remain constructive both in game and out. If you're not happy try to talk to league organizers about your concerns, and we'll work together to make things better.
  8. Don't talk smack! This is similar to Rule 1, but specifically don't talk about people behind their backs. Don't gossip, smack talk, or otherwise create a hostile environment for another player. Don't say anything you wouldn't say to the person's face (and again, refer to Rule 1).

Detailed Rules

For the full list of match rules, you can click here.